Tuesday, August 11, 2009

THE GUYS LIST! *Updated Sept 22*

Here is my complete List for All Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania Boards for guys!
If you have any links, please post them. The guys don't have many places for them with good stuff so any more links would help a lot!

NOTE: Some items may be unisex, rotates with girl items, or they may not have a guy item on the MM or chair at that time.

LIST for GUYS Lucky Chairs and MM boards:

*NEW* Urban Surfers
*NEW* Aussie Ink (2 min chairs. Unisex Tatts)
*NEW* Punkass Clothing
TalTECH Weapons

:= Mikan YA * BrattyPuppy =:
Damiani Fashion Design Free jeans
Intrigue Co.
LikeA (Sometimes has guy Items)
I love Rein
::G&G Designs::
Glanz & ami Style Free skin
Little Britain Designs
MCM SYSTEMS (follow right TP)
Something Blue*
+Black Maria+ Also Free box of punk hair
Ripped Mainstore
JE*REPUBLIC hat is unisex

Here are some of the Links for now. After you check these links out, refresh the page as I'll keep posting more throughout the week <3

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HAIR LIST (MMs and Chairs) *UPDATED August 23*

Here is my list of great hair you can get for free on Lucky Chairs or Midnight Mania baords! If you have some great ones that arn't listed here, please post it as a comment so everyone can see your helpful post! ^_^ Thank you to everyone that sent in some great LMs to help this list be awesome!

List Of Hair on Lucky Chairs and MMs:

*NEW* Black Maria For Men/Women
*NEW* Sari's Free hair
*NEW* Savoir Hair Lots of Free hair for Male or Female
*NEW* booN Free hair for Male or Female
*NEW* Uw. st Free hair for Male or Female
*NEW* Lotus Male and female hair for camp
EXILE (free hair at landing point and around the right corner of hair)
::::IrEn:::: Mainstore
Twisted and Spoiled
Zero Style ~ Japanese Hair style
*NEW* Alli&Ali Vendor Spot (ADULT SIM)
*NEW*Alli&Ali Designs
BiZaRRe Hair
HairSHOP *JUNWAVE * (have to wear their group tag)
<=== MIASNOW ===> (when you land, tp to "bargains" then follow the arrow)
BattleAngel =^.^= Deadkitties Headquater
..::VoLT::.. Mainstore (usually have great hair on MM and Chairs, switches to clothing)
=TEKUTEKU=main store
+DV8+ Main Store
DIRTY LYNX (chair cycles through different prizes but hair is one of them)
)))))= LITTLE HEAVEN =((((( Main Store
Calla Hair
..::: VIXEN Hair :::.. Mainstore
Curl up and Dye Salon

This List will stay Updated! If you find a LM where the store doesn't exist, let me know and I'll update it! Also if you know a great store that isn't listed, please post it as a comment here so I can add it.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Welcome to the Official Lucky Neko Network Blog!

Welcome kitties, cats, and pussies to the blog for the best group ever, Lucky Neko Chairs. ;) This is about the moment you should be getting tingles all over your wittle bodies with excitement because our group/network now has an official blog!!!!!

Be sure to bookmark this blog because it will be your NEW tool to finding all those goodies out there of Cheap to Free stuff! The affordable way of looking hot lol!

In the meantime, please visit our SL Sponsors that have great lucky chairs and Midnight Mania boards!

.::AXE Wear.::XD::. Main Store Sim
Sharodie's Tails (Store 1)
Sharodie's Tails (Store 2)
Neko Wonderland


My Store Update: My store called CUNT STAR is soon to be opening in MORE than just 1 location! I can't wait to open it, but before I do, I'm adding more new items to it so when you come to see it, there will be lots for you to find!

I love all you kitties, my next post will be some great urls!